Alan Hall - leader, drummer, composer of Hall of Mirrors Ensemble

Alan Hall - leader, drummer, composer of Hall of Mirrors Ensemble

Here is link to our official 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Contest video submission on their site.

Brief History of H.O.M.E.

"Electreo" begat "Ratatet" begat "Hall of Mirrors Ensemble".

in 2015, drummer Alan Hall, bassist Jeff Denson and bassoonist Paul Hanson formed a collective trio called "Electreo". They made some cool videos, did a recording, and had lots of fun playing together. Eventually Alan wanted to write for more instruments and tonalities. He added trombone, vibes, and piano and named that unit, "Ratatet".

In 2016 "Ratatet" released an album called "Arctic" on Ridgeway Records which got some good reviews and launched them onto the San Francisco bay area jazz scene. They put out some videos and received grants from Inter Music SF and Creative Sonoma to record their second album, "Heroes, Saints and Clowns" to be released in 2018.

Zoom to the Present:

 While composing the music for Ratatet's second album, "Heroes, Saints and Clowns", Alan started writing for a larger group. He decided to expand his musical palette to an octet of bassoon, trombone, vibes, cello, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums , and "Hall of Mirrors Ensemble" was born.



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Here are some tunes and arrangements we hope to fully record soon: